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BEAU Magazine™ is designed to fashionably integrate and empower our LGBT community with mainstream society. It is the ultimate source to reach the Charleston LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Allied straight) community! We offer a safe place for our community to have a voice while seeing within our pages what businesses and services are welcoming. Captured in each magazine are empowering stories that will captivate and engage the reader, ultimately connecting and strengthening the reader’s perspective in a positive light.

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A Love Story: The Wedding of Sandrajudge and Tinashia Wilkins

Photography by: Abigail Marie Just The Two of Us … With families being in different geographical places and home being were your heart is (Charleston, SC), you can still have a traditional Charleston wedding while planning your big “family wedding” for the future. Simple components pulled together with the effervescence of true love will make […]...

Caution! Curves Ahead!

Written by: Jen Muckelvaney When I got married in 2012, I was lucky. Besides the perfect fiancée, I knew the exact dress I wanted to wear. I saw it in a magazine and then Googled the designer. Turns out, the only place in town it was carried was Condon’s Bridal. I went on over, and, luckily, […]...

Love Doesn’t Have to Be a Losing Game

Written by: Steven Willard It’s been a year since BEAU began, and I started sharing my thoughts, ideas and beliefs. I started that first column about being single in the age of marriage equality. A year later, I’m still single. And, actually, I’m quite ok with that. The thing is love in itself hasn’t changed, […]...

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