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About BEAU

Who we are at BEAU

In December 2014, a group of friends in Charleston, SC got together and said, “there is no magazine that celebrates the LGBTQ community”, later on this groups celebrated the first issue of BEAU Magazine, the first LGBT based magazine in Charleston and in South Carolina! Since then, BEAU has collaborated with many LGBTQA readers and LGBTA friendly businesses through mixed media, allowing more pathways to free, nonjudgmental commerce. Now, BEAU Magazine IS the Southern source for LGBTQA culture!
BEAU provides an atmosphere for everyone under the rainBEAU to express their voice while connecting people to LGBTQ friendly businesses and services as well as non-profits, and outreach resources that openly support and welcome them. At BEAU, we find up to date and fact driven news relating to equality and human rights locally and nationally. We have come a long way, but many LGBTAQI consumers are still weary of businesses that may not welcome the LGBT dollar. This is where BEAU comes in with the BizBEAU Guide.
At BEAU, we have developed several different ways to reach the LGBTQA South. One way being BEAU Magazine’s BizBEAU Guide, a guide that allows our flourishing LGBTQAI readership to visit, shop, and experience local and national businesses that are welcoming to all and provide a judgment-free zone. The BizBEAU Guide is the hub for you to connect with LGBT-friendly businesses and services.
We have also created  BEAU Resources, a list of non-profits and outreach resources that are robust and always growing. We connect you with help when you need it most. Find up to date and fact driven news relating to equality and human rights locally and nationally in out LGBT WorldWide. We will introduce you to hometown heroes, standing for LGBT rights in Charleston and in the Southeast, as well as way on how you can get involved.
With the ever growing climate, check out our BEAU Blog were you will find up to date news, reviews, and stories from our collaborators that help make the Southern LGBTQA culture. Captured in each BEAU Blog are empowering stories written by the voice of our LGBTQ communit. Each story is designed to captivate and engage the reader, ultimately connecting and strengthening the Southern LGBTQA community.
Our mission is to liberate, inform, educate, and entertain  the LGBTQA community. We are designed to integrate our readership with each other while connecting them with LGBTQA-friendly businesses and service that support equal rights. BEAU is about sharing voices that create the Southern LGBTQA community.
Our Vision is to create a platform for the southern LGBTQA community voices to express themselves with freedom. 
BEAU Magazine is a platform to gather, analyze and share information regarding issues and experiences that relate to LGBTQ people BEAU is a safe space designed to enhance communications and relationships between the communities, and a place for us all to shine as our true selves. We inspire readers to connect, inform, and consider the ever-evolving meaning of being LGBTQ through our print magazines, blogs, and events.
BEAU, meaning “friend,” and we are friends to all.