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Meet the BEAU Staff

Meet the BEAU Staff

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Photo by Abigail Marie

Maria Rivers, Publisher

Maria has been publishing magazines supporting LGBT equal rights since 2003. Her motivation revolves around the concept of providing constant visibility and positive influence in efforts to counteract LGBT stigmas and promote peaceful living. Her philosophy is that if we show our true beauty by sharing our story, we are more apt to be integrated as part of the whole community, mutually respected and politely engaged.

Jonatan Guerrero Ramirez, Social Media and Outreach Director

Raised in the Hispanic Culture in the South and currently living the Holy City of Charleston, Jonatan cultivates his inspiration of South Carolina culture, fashion, and the social life into his work. A graduate of The Art Institute of Charleston, Jonatan has a background in Fashion Design with a concentration in Marketing. His wide background ranges from styling, to marketing, event planning, and fashion design.

Jonatan’s work has been featured in Teen Vogue Magazine after receiving recognitions such as ‘Best in Theatrical Caption in Fashion Styling” from the Georgia literacy Association in 2013. Since then his work has been seen in Charleston Fashion Week, Lowcounty Live, Southern Living Magazine and Bravo.  While working with the city of Charleston during special projects, such as Spoleto USA, Jonatan is a strong advocate of animal rights, LGBTQI equality, and education. Recently, he was named one of the youngest Hispanic activist in the lowcountry. His passion for children and to help others is his driving force to “Keep moving forward”.

Steven Willard

Steven finds his roots in teaching and practicing yoga. His BEAU Magazine exclusive column, Same Sex in the City Charleston is a reflection of the reality of being a single gay man, in your 40’s, and living in the Holy City. His writing as well as his yoga classes are an experience in themselves as he brings a unique combination of
“keeping it real” with a dash (or a heaping tablespoon) of humor.

Sue Handley

Sue “Kronella” Handley is an 86-year young pagan lesbian, former marine, former YMCA swim instructor, former astrologer, former foster mother of 106 children from 1964 through 1990 where she adopted the last 6 children she fostered and raised them. In 1958 she joined Daughters of Bilitis, first lesbian civil and political rights organization in the United States. Sue first proposed to an older girl when she was 7, but it wasn’t until she joined the Marine Corp in 1952 when she had her first relationship. Aside from being BEAU Magazine’s resident Astrologer Extraordinaire, she spends her time creating witty and potentially politically incorrect, yet hilarious humor that can be found on t-shirts, posters, and memes. Her company, appropriately named Nasty Sue™ keeps her motivated to celebrate life through comedy and expression.

Dixie Fanning

Dixie is a baby-boomer on her second career, this time as a graphic designer.  She started her freelance graphic design business, Design from Dixie, after earning her BA in Visual Arts-Graphic Design in 2008. She is almost a native having lived in SC for over 40 years and in Mount Pleasant for the last 25 years. She is a graduate of Clemson and you will find her every Saturday watching the Tigers football game.

She enjoys photography, genealogy, and fishing/kayaking.

Sarah Bendorf

Sarah graduated from Northwest College of Art in the Seattle area in the fall 2010 where she received a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication and double majored in Fine Art and Graphic Design. She has had many adventures in the marketing realm, but now runs her own freelance company: Design Debonaire.

When Sarah doesn’t have her nose glued to the computer, you might find her at one of Charlestons many watering holes, having a Sunday Funday on the beach, or hiking with her two dogs.