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This year’s Augusta Pride turnout was off the charts! From the Friday night dance party with Natalie La Rose to the Sunday Funday Pool Party, people from ALL walks of life showed up in support of equality honoring our ever-growing LGBTQIA family.

Saturday’s parade filled the streets with rainbows as far as the eyes could see. One after another, groups from burlesque to health care paraded down the street in bursts of glitter and candy to show support. After the parade, the Synergy Twins took the stage rocking their electric violins. The entire park reverberated in sound and dance as everybody, together, celebrated PRIDE.

With approximately 14,000 attendees, Augusta Pride is the second largest Pride in Georgia. It brings in an over 1 million dollars in economic revenue to the city over the weekend. That’s a whole lot of pink dollars!

The vibe was flowing with love as people that had never met before held hands and danced together while faces of all ages were lit up and smiling. We can definitely say that Augusta Pride is a BEAU favorite… And we can’t wait until next year!!!

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