In Voices


Written by Gina Mocha


Oh! the pictures, the pictures, not from a frame.

It’s the conceptual feelings from a true love,

I have embedded in my brain of you

It makes me toss and turn all night having

Silhouette cameo images of us two.


When we sipped the finest of wine,

From the candlelit vineyard,

As we dined, tasting the purest of grape berries

And succulent plump strawberries hanging from a vine.


Oh! The luxuries I had when you were I used to call you mine.

Piece by piece from your head to your feet.

Every time I spoke of you;

The kind words were eloquently a unique design

Formed from the blood drippings of my heart

Pouring shimmery golden crimson colored lines.

As fine as the strings of the harp that played an angelic melody

in my mind of you;

Her masterpiece imagery united our chemistry.

In my soul, you had driven out the connections of my past


You had brought life to my legacy of having a soul mate

Who shared the same likes as me;

The finest of them all; you lived in my mind so candidly.


I became like a swarm of honey bees sensing the sweetness from

Your melanin skin.

Your almond shaped hazel eyes, matched your perfect set of

Hershey shaped lips which left me often times feening and wishing

For a kiss.


I remembered how you would quench my thirst.

When I felt the pulsating beat of your heart, I knew I had been

Your first.

You are now one of my finest memories;

You have my body yearning and wanting to spend another night

With you.


My Masterpiece,

You’re my caramel chocolate coffee delight,

Oh! The estranged memories

I have of you being apart

Of my life.


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