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Oct 02

Blue Ridge Pride

Western North Carolina proudly presented Blue Ridge Pride (AKA Asheville Pride) 2018 September 29th. Blue Ridge Pride, established in 2009, has grown tremendously in the last decade. This year was the biggest ever encompassing 180 vendors, community service groups and organizations with three stages and tons of music and performances vibrating colorful rainbows throughout the centric Pack Square Park in Asheville, NC.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, Blue Ridge Pride had its first procession parading around Pack Square. This year the theme was “Community Growing Together” and they personified it profoundly. From 10am to 7pm Pack Square was filled with diverse groups of individuals that gathered together to celebrate love within diversity. All this love, love, love mixed into the fresh, crisp mountain air was just what the ol’ lungs needed for sure! You could feel the good vibrations as women walked freely without shirts and men wore their glitter beards and dresses proudly.

“Celebrate the multitude of organizations, businesses and people who envision Western North Carolina as a rich and welcoming community.  We want to give voice to the many organizations that strive to create spaces that welcome all to work, shop, and congregate as their authentic selves, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sex, disability, class, or religion.” -Blue Ridge Pride

Photo’s courtesy of Jenn Muckelvaney and Chris Tertzagian

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