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Aug 08

Charlie Speaks on Military T-Ban

On July 26th America’s 45th president reached yet another low point as he blatantly turned his back on our transgender armed forces and LGBT Americans. “Please be advised that the US military will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military,” Tweets Donald J Trump. This careless action denounced any present or future (current administration) presidential support for our transgender equality efforts and showed our America where he stood. Not to be redundant, but we (yet once again) were appalled.


Not that this guy ever makes sense, but WHY would this come out now? Out of all of his failing the people with the Paris Peace Treaty, endangered species acts, health care bills, pipelines and off shore drilling, why now does he decide to attack our LGBT community? BEAU needed some help trying to figure this out. So naturally, we turn to our LGBT Papa, Charlie Smith for help understanding… WTF?!?


“45 feels we are an easy target,” says Charlie with his famous ‘just try it you bastard’ grin. “But he’s going to find out that’s not the case. Strong coalitions have been built. The military has worked the transgender community into the process and they’re comfortable with it.” Charlie believes that Trump is acting in terms of what’s described in the book, Shock Doctrine as “disaster capitalism.” If you haven’t heard of this please check it out. You can read a synopsis here: http://www.naomiklein.org/shock-doctrine


Basically, Shock Doctrine reveals corporate tactics of taking over during or immediately following devastation in efforts to regroup and dominate. But what really happens in the end is corporate monopoly where the country becomes economically dependent on the success of the monopoly.


Charlie says that’s the tactic Trump has been using all along. His efforts are to destroy so that he can rebuild to create his corporate engineered regime where Trump businesses and affiliates benefit from profit without a care for the people or planet. Right now, Trump is hitting in different areas to create havoc between our communities while extracting the anti-equality/bigoted fanatics to help him by provoking peaceful protesting. “What’s a big group that he can distract and throw everyone off in another direction far away from something else important?” Says Charlie confirming Trump’s efforts to distract using our community as bait. “Disrupt and then steal. That’s what he does.”


Charlie laughs at Trumps futile attempt to band transgender people from our military. “He profits on what falls out. He’s not the first by any means. Disruption in general as a government policy is a tactic that has been used for a long time. But the LGBT community is very engaged,” says Charlie with pride, “we are because we have to be. He thinks we are the perfect targets to ‘wag the dog’ and distract from other internal attacks. His tactics will pull in the anti-LGBT fanatics that will scream and shout, helping him to separate the forces and then destroy until he can implement his corporate takeover and profit.”


After a while of talking to Charlie, I realized that we do have to take this as a sign of resistance and fight back. However, Trump and his anti-LGBT ban has picked a fight with the wrong community. We are made up of a strength not financed by “daddy’s money,” but forged from decades of fighting. We will crush any attempt to infringe on our LGBT rights and freedoms. Our allies are strong and our people fierce. But just out of curiosity I had to ask Charlie what he thinks would happen if Trump did follow through with a pushing a ban on our transgender community. His response was pretty exact as he effortlessly bounced back, “I think they (Trump administration) will be sidelined and assumed for what they are. If he does manage to succeed, we should all be on the front lawn of the white house.”

Words and Photo by Maria Rivers

Photo by Abigail Marie

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