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Jan 01

Cleanse Yourself + Start 2019 With Good Energy

Our energy is incredibly sensitive to what we consume and if we aren’t doing things to clear it daily, we can end up feeling very overwhelmed and anxious as our baseline. Emily Cisewski has learned from opening up her psychic medium abilities is that everything we encounter we hold onto in a way. This includes toxic ingredients in food, media, people, situations, etc. Everything is energy! Emily used to struggle with really bad anxiety before she realized was psychic. “Growing up, I felt out of place among people my age and even my family because I didn’t understand who I was and what I was experiencing.” Emily says, “As I got older, things started to click and over time, I was able to fully acknowledge and accept who I was at my core. I like to call this recognizing your truth. When I found this in myself, I began to develop a really strong hold on who I was and it allowed me to love myself more deeply than ever before.”

“When you love yourself, you naturally want to take better care of yourself! The way that I tune into my truth is by asking, “if I was operating at full capacity, what would that look like in this area?” and that gives me a clear picture of the action steps that I need to be taking daily to truly honor myself.”


5 Simple Tips To Cleanse Yourself + Start 2019 With Good Energy


  1. Develop a daily self-love practice. What can you do to nourish yourself? Lots of times these are simple things like cook yourself your favorite meal or take a hot bath or treat yourself to a new piece of clothing that makes you look and feel amazing. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be really simple. It’s mostly about you doing something kind for yourself just because you can.
  2. Get super intentional about what you want to change moving forward. And commit to it by inventorying your life to see what supports this change and what doesn’t. This might mean letting go of certain people, situations, habits, places, etc. but remember that the people who are always meant to be in your life will be there… even if it means disconnecting from them for a short time while you’re working on yourself.
  3. Stop worrying about the “how” to change something and just do it. Lots of time we want to make a big change but then we get stuck trying to figure out how we will do it. It’s like getting frozen in the planning mode to the point where you end up procrastinating or not doing it at all. The key to moving through this is to just decide to do it regardless. With this attitude, you always end up figuring it out.
  4. Get moving daily in a way that feels good for you! When we move, we are processing stored emotions. Emotions are energy in motion and as a Psychic Medium, I can tell when something is being held in the body and creating physical or emotional pain as a result. Exercise also creates energy! So even if you’re tired, it will help wake you up, keep you focused throughout the day, and make other things in your life feel less stressful.
  5. Take a quiet moment for yourself every single day to process life. Things happen and it’s important to always give yourself space even when life is flowing beautifully. As life gets busier, we need to remember to slow down and enjoy what’s happening. One way I do this is by journaling daily on whatever needs to come up and out. If you have a hard time journaling, start by simply making gratitude lists and maybe other lists like “why am I angry or bothered by this?” to allow yourself to process the emotions and release them.


Words by Emily Cisewski. Local Psychic Medium, entrepreneur, and blogger uses her spiritual gifts primarily to life and business coach creative entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact and reach a larger audience through writing books, blogging, and speaking. She basically helps brand her clients so that they can easily step out of their fears and up into what they are truly called to do in this lifetime. Her spiritual journey spurred her to completely detox my life. This is how she got into holistic health and wellness and also why she started my empowerment blog, the Happy, Healthy, Holistic Lifestyle blog at www.emilycisewski.com/blog where I share all of my best hacks for living a more conscious life.


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