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LGBT Parenthood, What to Expect …

Many same sex couples in a loving relationship consider growing their family. The Fertility Center of Charleston helps couples in the LGBT communities across the Southeast make the dream of parenthood a reality. Our previous LGBT patients are a wonderful resource. We can provide names of families who are willing to discuss their fertility journey. Even though each person’s story is unique, there are some guidelines for what to expect that can help get you started.

First, schedule a new patient consultation. A new patient consultation includes time with the physician, Dr. Stephanie Singleton, and the staff. “Just coming to our office often gives patient’s a feel for the compassionate environment and team at the core of our fertility mission. We believe that truly listening is the best way to begin a successful fertility journey,” says Dr. Singleton. The new patient consultation includes a history and physical and an ultrasound. It allows time for the couple to meet with their nurse to discuss the proposed tests and to meet with the financial counselor to determine insurance coverage and costs of the proposed studies.

The initial fertility evaluations will include the following:

  • an evaluation of ovarian reserve (the ability to make eggs)
  • the evaluation of the uterus and its ability to allow for implantation and to carry a pregnancy
  • the determination of tubal patency (are the fallopian tubes open to allow the sperm and egg to come together for fertilization?)
  • the determination of access to sperm

These evaluations include a transvaginal ultrasound, blood work and a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) study. The HSG is an x-ray study to place contrast dye into the uterine cavity and tubes to determine if they are normal and could allow for pregnancy. “At The Fertility Center of Charleston, I conduct the hysterosalpingogram (HSG) evaluations in a caring and convenient setting to evaluate each patient for uterine anomalies/abnormalities and tubal patency for infertility. Together with the ultrasound and blood work, we get a good idea of fertility and can begin making decisions about next steps.”

It usually only takes approximately one month to get testing done and to schedule a follow up appointment with Dr. Singleton to discuss treatment options. Each treatment plan varies depending upon the individual situation. “There are really strong treatment options for LGBT couples seeking parenthood. Reproductive endocrinology as a specialty has opened for the same sex community and provides options that can make having children possible for many families. We are excited to be a part of that growth,” says Dr. Singleton.


To contact The Fertility Center of Charleston new patient coordinator, please call 843-881-7400. More information and online appointment requests are available at www.fertilitycharleston.com Offices are located conveniently in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.

Dr. Stephanie Singleton is a proud member of Charleston’s LGBTA Community.

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