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Mar 08

Gay Rights are Lesbian Rights

Ask yourself, what might it be like to be a lesbian in a world where the LGBT+ community tends to be represented by a gay man?

The word ‘gay’ is synonymous with the word ‘male’. Likewise, gayness is more accepted if it’s male. The fact that male privilege is still alive, it means lesbians have to work even harder to get equal representation and equal standing. However, men in the community have always been really supportive.

Leadership is always people’s choice followed by perfuse persistence. Being in a patriarchal society, the collective admiration towards the cisgender male is ingrained in not just the males, but the females as well. Yet presently, we as a whole are more and more evolving our sociological stance and teachings into discarding these antiquated patriarchal convictions of the “woman” and beginning to understand the strength female leadership can have.

So, what do you think it means to be a proud lesbian? Maria Rivers, founder of BEAU Magazine says “Being ‘proud’ as far as having ‘pride’ is understanding where we have come from and choosing to form a positive future for ourselves. Many women have, and still are suffering from persecution. It is a choice to make our enemies our teachers, right their wrongs, and constantly achieve confidence every day in being a proud lesbian woman. I believe actively being a proud lesbian woman is attaining and radiating this positive confidence”

Some gay women say that hearing things like, “you and your girlfriend look the same!” or “you’re a lesbian? But you look so straight!” are insulting to them. A good argument would be; who looks like a straight girl who’s dating another lesbian who looks like a straight girl who also looks like herself?

In essence, sexuality should never be presumed, and true leadership is respected far beyond gender. Women are rising and their voices are being heard. The word ‘lesbian’ is transforming with these new times. Now more than ever, women are rising to be the nation’s leaders and LGBT women are woven throughout this rainbow tapestry.

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