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Oct 31

A Picture Of You: Honoring Dan Folk

A Picture of You…


Within a picture, a song can be found.

A story is told that shakes from the ground.

Emanating from the eyes, this vision we all view, but so rarely decide to interpret.


Like music, our hearts beat to a rhythm that shapes our smiles.

We are not the Artist but merely the vessel of Collective energy focused within a single photograph.

And it is our lives that stop to pose when the Photographer takes his aim.



His camera was sturdy and called us to attention.

Yet no sound is heard from the man behind it.

He swirls us into position with the raise of his lens… and there we are, smiling from our egos with pain behind our eyes.



How did you do it?

In that brief moment, you seem to neutralize egotistical warfare waged within our minds.

With your kind eyes, without judgment or conviction, you reached through time and walked between the cells in our bodies just to touch our hearts with your infinite benevolence.


In one immeasurable moment you acknowledge our struggle, offer us peace and give us a complement.

With no words exchanged, you did this.

And in turn, we received confidence and self worth to show the world, our photograph.



We want to take this moment to give you the same honor.

To capture within our  souls the photograph of a selfless, nurturing man that emanated true unabashed love.

The man that never judged us.

The man that became the maestro in our soul symphony of photographs, and yet for no other reason but to tell us how much he loves us.


It was his love that made us smile from our hearts as he captured that Divine moment.

More than a photographer, he was a composer.

Through his innate instruments of compassion, respect, and true love, he connected us to compose the Greatest Masterpiece.


Your work will always be respected and adored within our community, forever.

But your legacy lives within the creations, within the concerto that has imprinted in our souls what it looks like to be a virtuoso of love’s virtue.

Thank you for your strong and fierce heart that never faltered from our internal struggle.



Nothing can explain how or why you were taken from our lives.

Nothing can replace the moments when you touched our lives.

But in your honor, I will always take time to realize and practice emanating your selfless acts of kindness.

Because you are beautiful… and that’s really what we all want to be… is beautiful.

Time withers on and we are left with these still images of our lives’ experiences we will soon forget.

These images are monuments that we were here.

Proof that our community has risen together through love and unity.

Where is your monument? The great photographer that visualized our legacies, bringing them into fruition…

Where is your song?

It plays deep within the hearts of all of us. We will sing it proudly as we remember, reminisce and smile.


We love you. We miss you. We will never forget you.



Your  LGBTA Family

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