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Jan 25

Rhapsody CrossFit – A Community For Everyone, Not Anyone

By Alan Shaw, Co-Owner & Head Coach

When my husband, Trinity Wheeler, and I founded Rhapsody CrossFit, we had two main objectives for our gym in downtown Charleston. One, raise the bar on fitness through our prime coaching, top-of-the-line facility and prioritized member care. Two, cultivate a community for everyone.

Alan Shaw, Co-Owner & Head Coach

Six months in, we have moved the goal post on our second objective with a new focus on making Rhapsody CrossFit a community for everyone, not anyone.

What do I mean by that? From its inception, Rhapsody CrossFit was determined to develop a community of humble, hungry and happy members. We are firm believers that these core values not only make you a better athlete, but a better human.

It was important to us to open doors for a third space – one that could become the sanctuary for our members between where they lived and where they worked. Regardless of fitness level, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or preference on pizza toppings, Rhapsody CrossFit would be a safe haven and welcoming community for you.

What I have come to learn is that our community is still for everyone, but not just anyone as our members have proved to be such special people.

They are the type of people who cheer you on until you’re done with your workout. They introduce themselves to someone new. They refuse to quit. They say “not yet, but soon” instead of “I can’t”. They help you clean up your barbell, so you can rush to your nursing shift. They snatch up unicorn shirts in support of a fellow member who finished his last round of chemotherapy.

Some are picking up weights for the first time, while others are seasoned CrossFit athletes. Some walk in on two feet, while others roll in with a wheelchair. Some have full sleeves, while others are clean-shaven. Some swing by between classes at College of Charleston, while others drop in after dropping off their grandchildren.

They may come from different walks, but they are all humble, hungry and happy humans. They are the type of people who exemplify character and treat each other as family inside and outside our box.

Sound like a community for you? Drop in for our next Sweaty Saturday where all fitness levels are welcome regardless of previous CrossFit experience. For Charleston residents, your first class is free!

All photos are courtesy of Arielle Simmons Photography. 

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