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Sep 09

Same Sex Couple Shares Their Infertility Journey

Malinda and Shena Crocket-Fife are now the parents of three children under the age of five. As a same sex couple, starting a family took a lot of thought and consideration. The Fifes turned to The Fertility Center of Charleston for guidance. Malinda explains, “From day one, they did not see a same sex couple. They saw two people that wanted to start a family and made the dream come true.”

The Fertility Center of Charleston team believes it is every couples’ right to build their own family. Dr. Stephanie Singleton understands that families come in many different forms and helps patients understand the options and provide them with all of the resources needed to start a family. Several opportunities exist at FCOC to help lesbian and gay couples to grow the families of their dreams. Malinda and her partner were surprised the options available. She states, “It’s amazing what science can do to help you start a family.”

Same Sex Couple Infertility Procedures:

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) with Donor Sperm Lesbian couples or single females with viable eggs can get pregnant with donor sperm from a sperm bank or known donor. This is the route Malinda and Shena Crocket-Fife chose. She explains, “We didn’t realize how many options there are. They break it down for you. We wanted an open donor, for down the line if our son wants to meet the person he came from.”

In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) In-vitro fertilization means that the combination of sperm and egg happens in the embryology lab (outside of the body). Embryos or an embryo are then transferred into the uterus for a continuing pregnancy.

Reciprocal IVF appeals to lesbian couples that wish to share in the miracle of pregnancy. One female partner donates her eggs. Our embryologist fertilizes the egg(s) in our advanced laboratory with donor sperm. The embryo(s) that are created are then transferred into the uterus of the other female partner. This unique method allows both lesbian partners to actively be a part of the creation of their pregnancy.

IVF with donor eggs gives women with ovulatory dysfunction, premature menopause or advanced maternal age the chance to have a biological child.

IVF with donor sperm completes the circle of life for lesbian couples, or gay men with male infertility to overcome.

Gestational Carriers Male couples can use a combination of donor eggs and a gestational carrier to create a pregnancy fertilized by either partner’s sperm.  We can assist you in gaining access to both donor eggs and a gestational carrier and in coordinating this process to create your own genetic child.

The Fertility Center of Charleston (FCOC) is the clinic of choice for families of all kinds across the Southeast. Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her team of fertility specialists assist in every step of the family building journey, from financial planning  to the positive pregnancy test. The Fife’s encourage other same sex couples to schedule a consult, saying “If you want to start a family, then do it.”

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