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Mar 11

Things I wish Straight Men Knew About Gay Men

1. We’re gay- not tasteless. We still have standards and although it’s a flattering gesture in your eyes, no we don’t want you.

2. Neither of us are the “girl” of the relationship- that’s sort of the point.

3. We don’t have to wear rainbows and unicorns everyday to “seem” gay- we just are.

4. No, I don’t know your other gay friend, and I’m not interested in being set up with him solely because he’s gay.

5. There is no such thing as “Straight Pride”, and there doesn’t need to be.

6. Gay men are not your personal fashion expert- but yes, we can help you find an outfit for your date tonight.

7. We are so much more than a stereotype- there is so much more to us than just being gay.

8. We have more in common than you think- we should focus on our similarities bringing us together, instead of our differences dividing us.

9. Our love is just as real as yours- love is love is love is love!

10. All jokes aside- We really do appreciate you being an ally, but most of all, a friend.

Words by Ethan Harris

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