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Dec 21

We welcome Top Notch to Charleston’s OUT Crowd!

Spinning around our Holy City are new ideas, creative fusions and the broad span of talents brought into our eclectic Charleston by new arrivals everyday. There is no doubt that what we once knew as Charleston, SC is changing at a rapid pace. However, this could also be the dawning of a new utopia. Creators are bringing new and fun businesses with more People-Planet-Profit concepts into fruition from every direction (except east unless they are water dwellers).


Amongst this sea of creation is Top Notch Event Planning. Where most event planners thrive off the simple exchange of money and service, Top Notch is designed to work with any budget, bringing each client the custom design that they have envisioned. “I was raised in a single family home,” says William Brady, CEO and founder of Top Notch, “I am the oldest of 3 boys and was always taught to work hard, stay true and humble, and to always think of others. I was always taught how to give, not because I have a lot to give, but because I know and understand how it is to do without. This fuels my drive because growing up with not having much makes me passionate about everyone being deserving of wonderful everlasting memories.”

William was successfully running Top Notch Events in his hometown of Bloomington, Illinois, when he became captivated with the idea of moving to Charleston. Like most of us “implants,” sometimes we can’t really say why, but the feeling becomes us and without hesitation, relocation and a “new beginning” is in order. With 18 years of event planning under his belt, William picked up his roots and moved east in hopes of re-planting and integrating the “Top Notch” concepts that have proven to be successful. Through networking, William partnered with James Lloyd and  Alexander Leonardo McWilliams to create Charleston’s own, Top Notch Events.

From transforming a sports bar into a “winter wonderland,” to creating the perfect wedding, William and his Top Notch team takes concept building to another level. He believes in his heart and radiates through his work, that the bigger the budget isn’t what matters, but the stronger the heart is what creates the true magic in memories. We welcome James Lloyd, Alexander Leonardo McWilliams, William Brady and the entire Top Notch Events Team and their community inspired business concepts to Charleston!

Left to right: James Lloyd, Alexander Leonardo McWilliams, William Brady

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