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Jul 11

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Bridging the Art Gap


As Twyla Tharp said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” But what if you work full-time, have a family to attend to, and all the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way of your art time? This is where Straight to Art comes into play!

Lauren Brandon and Jennifer Blackwell, owners of Straight to Art, created this online art gallery to serve as a collaboration between artists and art lovers. Often the day to day tasks of running a business keep artists away from the studio. They are here to take on as many of those tasks as they can, freeing the artist to use their time and talents to create both for themselves and for you, the art lover. You can find the fruits of their labor in their gallery at prices that will allow all art lovers to become collectors while feeling confident that each purchase is enabling an artist to pursue their dreams.

Connecting creativity and order is our passion. Artists want to pursue their art, but with the growing demands of office work, social media, shipping, and receiving, studio time diminishes and creativity is reduced. Artists want more time in the studio and less time in the office. Straight to Art is the solution. Our collective background in curation, entrepreneurship, art education, creative writing and organizational expertise have given us a unique opportunity to help our clients reach their full potential. Our goal at Straight to Art is to keep the artist’s work flowing and organized, generate sales and provide clients with the time that they need to thrive in the studio.

Going to an art gallery can be a joyful experience, however by going to Straight to Art, you can shop without the pressure of buying. They will even go to client’s homes for a mini art showing. They work straight with designers, making it assessable and affordable. Have fun browsing around and don’t forget to tell them BEAU Magazine sent you!

Words by Jonatan Guerrero Ramirez


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